Saturday, 8 June 2013


I was prepaing my room. Scented candles everywhere. I took a nice white bed sheet,  for I loved white, I loved its simplicity and loved the peace it bought to me. I also like to look at love stains easily visible in white. I was excited, at last he agreed to come. I put the lubricant and the condom on my corner table besides he bed. i  already had boner looking at his picture 10 minutes ago.
the bell rang and I opened it. And I saw this geogeous young man in a beutifull purple T-shirt and skinny jeans. From Megalaya, David had come to Bangalore for work, and found it at a call center. He was 19 years old and looked geogeous. His long brownish hair covered his cute eyes, and I could see his pink lips wet. THe moment he stepped in, I closed the door and asked him to feel comfortable. He gave a nice smile and complimented my apartment. I pullwd him near and held his waist, and gave him a kiss on hs lips. He smiled. He told me he wanted to get to the action fast..I took out his shirt and threw it. THen took out my shirt

We quickly moved to the nice smelling bedroom. I came out of my pajamas, and saw him eagerly looking at my cock which was now erect.he slowly came near me as i was sleeping on my back on the white bed. HE licked the shaft and started stroking it slowly. I was on suddenly taken back. while sucking, he opened his skinny jeans. and stated climbing on to me. He bit my nipples slightly and began kissing me. I held his thin erotic waist and turned him on his back towards the bed. I kissed his pink lips, his this white neck, and I bit his this chest. He asked me to fuck his mouth.

A Sad Erotic Story

Loss of Virginity

Hi, this story is entirely fictional.

I was born to a Brahmin Family in Andhra Pradesh, and youngest in a family of three. I I have a older brother, considerabley older than me. And a sister who is two years older. I was very close to my sister, which made me a little feminine. I loved things girls loved, girly movies, pink colour, girly songs. I also had a crush on men, i loved big men with mustache etc.

My family suddenly went through tragic times, my parents died in an accident. My elder brother took care of us. However the lady he was married to was mean, and hated me. She wanted to humiliate me, so made me clean my room in my underwear, I was little plump with tits forming, so she called me a whore. My elder sister however was spared this treatment. She shared her clothes etc. I barely passed my class x with all this torture.
My sister-in-laws brother once came to my home. A very uncouth person, he was always drunk, made my brother drunk. He then pulled my sister onto his lap and began kissing her. The funny part was my brother did not stop him.I was serving them and my sister-in-law and brother wer e lauging at my sister. My sister gave in and submitted to him. I was asked to go to my room and sleep. Late night my sister came in to my room, clothes torn, her boobs hanging out and her tears died out. Then he came in and asked me to come out, I went out. My sister-in-law was skimplily clad, with my brother kissing her and squeezing her ample boobs. Her brother said, that my sister is tired of getting fucked, but he is still horny. So he began pressing my chest and waist. even in that circumstances i became excited and my cock rose. My sister -in law asked me take off my clothes. I was completely naked, with an errect small penis. Everyone laughed at it, my brother showed me his and told me this is the correct size of a man. Then my sister-in-laws brother came up and showed me his. Pitch darkly black and huge, it was like a Black dick. He asked me to kiss it. I did the same. Full off precum and my sisters juices, it tasted weird. He asked me to suck it like a whore, I had no idea what to do. He said, my sister was a pro in it. My brother then had an idea, he asked me to see my what my sister in law did..and repeat it.
I started from the shaft, licking slowly from the bottom and to the top. Then he asked me to suck his balls, then he forced his cocl into me..gagging me.then he asked to stroke it. Suddenly he gave a moan and all the cum fell on my face.
My brother laughed at the premature ejaculation and said, from now you and your sister are his repsonibility.
Next day, my sister woke me up, we got into the car with him and left to his home.

Monday, 27 February 2012

With My Love Varun

The story is just a fantasy of mine.

At last it was over, I had just finished my dreadful office trip to Delhi. I was exhausted and very desperate for a release.  Though I used to call him everyday, and we talked for hours, I missed him deeply. I missed his big eyes, his fair and flawless skin, and his beautiful lips. I missed his smell, and the taste of his mouth, I missed the kisses we had.

 I met him at a party and we instantly knew we were made for each other. He wasn’t too desperate for sex; he wanted a relationship and I was the only one who did not mind living with him. The first time I took him to a dinner, he looked at me and asked me to hold his hands. When I did, he asked me not to leave it forever. Two dates later, we had sex in my room, he losing his anal virginity. Two months he moved in with me and we stayed together without any inhibitions.

He is studying in a college, and I am proud to say I am funding him. Originally from Andhra Pradesh, I moved into Bangalore 3 years ago and have been in this live in relationship for the past on year now. Let me describe my love to you. His name is Varun, and he is fair around 5’10 in height. Though not very thin he is slender and has the reddest lips a guy could have. With a nice young cock, he shaves his skin as he hates hair on him. His curvy bottom is delicious and his asshole is pink and tasty. I help him in shaving his asshole every week or so. His dream Is to become a writer, and he actually opted out of engineering course by his parents  and joined literature.I am a normal looking guy, with an average body. I have a six inch cock, and sometimes I am aggressive. Varun helped me to channel my aggression; however he liked me to be aggressive in bed. I had partners before but it was mostly a one night stand. I liked girls too, but with Varun I decided to be monogamous.

So It was a week now, and I was scared on how he would stay lonely. It was on a Monday, I returned coming back from Delhi on a Morning flight. By the time I was home, it was already nine and Varun was studying very hard. He told me he had semesters and he had been preparing very hard for a month now. I asked him not to worry and told him he would do well. However he wasn’t calming down. I took him into my arms and kissed him, but he pushed me back. He said all I thought about was sex and was not interested in his career. I realised he was stressed. So l calmed him, and dropped him at a college. Unlike everyday he did not even kiss me in my car before leaving. I realised the amount of stress he was in and decided tonight he had to relax after the exam.

So I made my plan, taking leave from office I knew Varun would return around three in the afternoon. Cleaned up my studio apartment. I bought flowers and placed them. I then ordered a nice wine and some food. I lit up scented candles and spread rose petals on my bed. I clean the toilet and lit scented candles everywhere.  He came back to the room a and was very pleased. He loved the ambiance. And he kissed me. He asked me to wait and wanted to take a bath. I wanted to join him but he did not agree. Varun the perfectionist he is took an hour to get ready. Meanwhile I was sitting with my boxers horny and already with a huge boner. Once he came back, I was flabbergasted. In sexy silk brief he was beautiful. I told him, this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. With tears in his eyes, he came on to me. I was sitting in my chair and he sat on me with his back towards me.

The sexy smooth skin of his and the silky underwear, he was enchanting and my cock stood up. I ran my hands all over him. From his chest, tummy, thighs , hands. I held his hair and turned his head towards me. I said “Varun! Honey! I love  you. “ I then put my lips on his and began sucking him. I put my tongue into his mouth and he began sucking it. I liked the minty toothpaste taste it had. Then I picked him and carried him to my bed with rose petals on them. I threw him on to it and we laughed. I took out my boxed and naked I jumped on him. I kissed his neck, began sucking his nipples and he meanwhile reached for my erect cock and began stroking it. He asked me, “can I suck it darling?”. I then laid on my back and he began sucking.

Slowly,  He held my erect cock in my hand, stroking slowly.Then I licked my shaft looking at my eyes, and it was those dreamy eyes that made made it, I let out a small moan. He then took my balls in mouth and slowly took my cock in my mouth.I pulled his head by holding my hair and kissed him. I got the salty taste in my mouth. I held his slender waist pulled him near me. I turned on on his back and lay on him. Then I began to frot, wit my erect hard cock against his cock inside the silk underwear.I then removed the underwear and pressed my cock against his. I held the two cocks in my hand and started rubbing them, all the while manoeuvring my tongue in his mouth. I slowly got my lips to his nipples and sucked them. He was moaning a little.

I asked him to turn around. "Do you want my pussy?" He said. I did not reply. I pressed his buns hard and he gave out a small ouch. I spread them a little and I could see the nice clean hole.I slapped his ass hard, he shouted. I took my finger and inserted into his hole.I stretched a little. I could see him getting tensed, so I had to calm him. I began by licking his asshole, slowly. I loved going deeper. Then I put his ass hole on my cock. He began to ride, shrieking loud, then after I believing 30 seconds of moaning he looked tired so I threw him on to the bed and I inserted the cock and began pumping him. Varying the speed. He began to scream Oh Yeah!Fuck! Faster!

Then I knew I was gonna cum, so I slowly leaned down and whispered in his ear, I am going to inject you darling. He asked me to hold his cock while doing that.So I slowly emptied all my juice into his ass.He was so taken on by it, the warm cum made him cum too. I felt all the cum in my hand. We then kissed for some more time.I rubbed all his cum on his hair. 

Then we went together for the bath. Rubbing each other with soap and warm water. I wanted to pee and he held my cock while i was peeing (He likes the feel of warm pee). After dressing up, we went to the dining table, and lighting up the candle, had a nice meal and wine. I then played some music and we danced slowly our bodies touching. I felt my cock rising once again, and I knew this night was going to be SPECIAL....

Dedicated to a dear friend, Varun

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hot Times with Cute Raju

Let me tell you what happened last Christmas..well actually just before Christmas. I usually go to a coffee house whenever I am free, to enjoy a cup of coffee and snacks. But the other reason I go there is, it is a well known place to hook up with gay guys. The problem is the usual men I get there are little older for my taste. But on that fateful day I saw a nice young boy, age ranging from 18-20. He was in the coffee shop however as a waiter or a busboy. So I tried talking to him.

He came and asked me, if he could clear the table. His flawless face, no moustache or beard, he was fair very fair, had some freckles on his cheeks.H had brown eyes, a dark brown hair. He saw me looking at him, at his eyes and looked away. His beautiful hands were having very fine brown body hair, and I waited for him to turn around to see his round ass. I was worried whether I was imagining things, then started worrying if I had a boner. I called him back, I wanted more of him. I asked him for some muffins/pastries and he did not have a clue. He told me he was just a guy who delivered, so he asked me if I would like to talk to the waiter. 

But I told him something else.

""No! I would like to talk to you. What are you dong after your work is over?''

He was shocked, He didn't know what to say. I repeated calmly. I told him if he was free, he could come me. As I was going to the pub and did not have any company.

"But my shift ends at eleven?"

I knew he was interested. And since it is a pub, and perhaps free drinks from me, he could enjoy it.

" You can come now and tell your boss somethings come up. "

He wasn't sure. I told him I was leaving. I gave him my number ( I usually keep a number for such stuff).  I asked him to call me only if he was interested. And I believe he also understood the subtext. I went home. Shagging to the thought of him, I wanted to kiss him, Squeeze his buns, and fuck his ass.

Then I got a phone call. He said he was coming. I asked him to wait near a pub and went there. The problem was he was dressed in shabby Shirt and some black trouser. I went to him, and told him I couldn't be seen with a guy dressed so badly. He was disappointed. I told him that for today he could come home. He was little angry, but what I realised was he was submissive. I told him, I wanted to buy him some clothes. I took him to a mall, bight him a nice T-shirt and a pair of jeans. We gave the same for alteration and he came back home with me.

He told me he was from Uttaranchal,name was Raju, staying with an uncle's family who worked as a security guard.  I asked f he ever bought some expensive clothes like the ones I bought him (they were cheap!), he said no. I asked him since I did buy stuff, he owes me something back.

"What can I give you?"
"Lets go home"I said. "Spend the night with me"

He understood. He nodded. I bought some vodka and we went home. At home I changed to a pair of boxers and asked him if he wanted to change.

He said he was comfortable. We crashed onto the couch in the living room.I asked him about his family.  And he was telling me.

Suddenly he asked me. " Are you a homo?""

""Sort of""

" So you like me?""

"Yes! You are beautiful. Like a sweet girl"

"What are you going to do to me?""

"We are going to do to each other. We are going to have fun. Have you had any sexual fun?""

"I watched blue films!"

"Wanna do what they do in Blue films?"

He did not reply. I asked him to wait and got a USB and played a gay twink movie on my TV. Perhaps it was the size of the screen, he was nervous.

I asked him if he was horny. He did not reply. I took his hand and placed it on my cock. He did not remove his hand. He looked and felt through his tiny hand my cock raising and becoming hard. I asked him if he could stroke it, like the guy on TV. He began stroking.

I let out a small moan. Asked him to undress. As he removed his shirt and trousers to show me his hairless body, i became more excited.

He had very less hair. Only his legs and arms had some hair.

I asked him to keep his underwear.  I remember the name of the strap. "JPN". Cheap underwear.

I pushed him back on the couch. Put my lips against the luscious, delicious lips of his, pink and kissed him.He wasn't opening his mouth so i told him and pushed my tongue into him.I began sucking his tongue. He did not filch. I tied to find his cock through his underwear. It was small. I pulled down the briefs to see his small cock, excited. Lot of foreskin, I pulled it back and started to stroke it, all the while kissing.

Then I left his mouth and went to his nipples. they were cute and tiny. I sucked them. I took out my boxers to free my cock.

I asked him to get out of the couch. He did that and removed his underwear.

Asked him to sit on my lap, he sat  down. I began kissing his neck fro behind. I asked him to watch the TV.
The young bottom began to suck the old top's cock. I asked him, ""Can you do that?""

Instead of replying. he got down from my lap, turned around and began sucking my cock.Honestly, I did not enjoy it. Perhaps, he had not Idea what he was doing. Perhaps I liked to see him more. I enjoyed his body a lot.

Then from the TV we could hear harder moaning. The top was pounding the bottom.

I wanted to do it. I pulled him by the hair and asked him to wait. I bought the lubricant I had and then asked him to sleep on the couch, with his ass up.

Looking at his milky ass, and his moderately tiny ass hole, I couldn't stop my self. I licked his ass hole.  i enjoyed its taste, and he began giving moans.

I then lubed him all the while kissing him. Then putting on a condom, I raised his ass and pinned his head down. Before he could complain, I shoved my cock slowly. It was tight, but was sliding into. He was in pain. We wanted to move but i pressed him harder. Slowly I began to thrust in. He now was in terrible pain, but was in pleasure. My cock was rock hard. I shoved my cock inside and slowly increased my speed. He moved with the rhythm and let out cute moans.The I took out my cock and turned him onto his back. I saw him with tears in his eyes. I kissed him, I asked if he was enjoying it. He smiled. I kissed him again. He was now rolling his tongue and i enjoyed it.

Then I took out my cock and shoved it. His cock was limp, and after my few thrust it went erect. He began to stroke it while I was slowly penetrating. He quickly came and his cock went limp again. Then, I took out my cock. Looked at the condom, all greasy luckily not dirty. I tool out the condom and threw it and shoved my bare cock into him. It was tough as the cock was rough, tough the lubricant eased it. after few pushes it began easy again and i began pounding and suddenly I knew I was going to cum. I released of it into his ass hole. He loved it, Even I could feel my warm sperm in his ass hole. I took my cock out. It was dripping.cum. He gave a cute fart and some cum flew out. I kissed again.

We were exhausted. I carried him to my bed and we slept hugging. The next day he woke, he was worried. He asked me, if he would be all right as his ass was paining a little. I told him after a few days of fucking everything will be all right. Then I kissed him. I went to the bathroom and started pissing, he came and held my cock. then he licked it cleaning all the left over urine. I told him he was insane. He smiles and then we went into the shower. I kissed him allover over and lifted him on his buttock while kissing. He enjoyed it.
He then told me he was getting late for work. I asked him to take a leave on Christmas. I told him his ass was my present. He smiled, gave me a kiss and  I shagged into an underwear and asked him to wear it. He asked me Why? I told him so that he would be my bitch (Randi). HE blushed and wore it. He then went to  his work. We kissed again.

An Introduction

Greetings Fellow readers!

 I am Achyut, a software professional based in Bangalore. The story I am about to tell you is all a fabricated lie. It is a fantasy I have with young boys/men.

A brief introduction about me. I am 29 years old, a bisexual guy having an average body, average cock and...basically I am an average guy. I am that guy you would not care about in a train/bus. I stay alone in an apartment, which gives me many opportunities to invite guys and girls for fucking sessions. I love tidiness and it is one quality I look for. I am a little aggressive, like to dominate my partner

The stories I write are all fantasies that I have about young males.
Each and every story is fabricated.

I hope you enjoy my stories, the first is the one where I enjoy with a cute young man. I had posted the same story in ISS.